Chocs and Blocks
Setup Program

This page will help you set up the files and URLs needed for the Chocs and Blocks activity. Please read the Chocs and Blocks documentation for teachers first, if you haven't already.

The setup program will create:

  • Google spreadsheets for storing the data – one for the choice samples, one for the random samples;
  • Google forms – these are used by the Chocs and Blocks website to pass the data into the spreadsheets;
  • A web link and QR code for your students to access the Chocs and Blocks page, preconfigured to store data in the newly created spreadsheets; and
  • Links to the two spreadsheets for you to display on a projector or download the data.
The spreadsheets and forms will be created in your Google Drive, and named based on the name you enter above, for instance "Chocs and Blocks: choice data", "Chocs and Blocks: random data".

You must have a Google account (eg, Gmail) to use this setup program. You may be prompted to log in to your Google account.

When the setup program is finished, it will display the results and email them to your Gmail address.

Your Google email address:
This must be the email address of a Google account. Links to the configured Chocs and Blocks activity will be sent to this email address.

Enter a name for your files (eg. "Chocs and Blocks 2017"):
This name will be used for the spreadsheets and forms created in your Google Drive. If you are setting up Chocs and Blocks for more than one class, we recommend using a different name for each.

Click the button to run the setup:

Setup is running, please wait...

The Chocs and Blocks setup program was written by Anthony Morphett, . Please contact Anthony regarding any issues.