Tag: MAST10005

  1. Tangency: chords, tangents and velocity of a parametric curve

    This applet explores the velocity vector of a parametric curve, and its relationship to the chord r(t+h)-r(t) and the difference quotient.


  2. Inverse of a function

    This applet shows the construction of the inverse of a function, and can be used to explore whether the inverse is a function.


  3. Parametric curves

    This applet plots and traces a parametric curve, given as a vector function in R2.


  4. Two parametric curves

    This applet plots two parametric curves simultaneously. It can be used to explore whether two particles collide.


  5. Vector projections

    This applet aims to demonstrate visually the projection of a vector u onto a vector v.


  6. Understanding the chain rule

    This applet explores how the rate of change of a composite function y = f(g(x)) depends on the rates of change of both f and g.