Tag: MAST10006

  1. Exploring areas with hyperbolic and trigonometric functions

    This applet explores a geometric interpretation of the parameter t in the parameterisation of the standard hyperbola using cosh and sinh.


  2. Sequences and series

    This applet shows the relationship between terms of a sequence and the partial sums of a series. It also allows exploration of some important sequences & series including geometric and harmonic sequences.


  3. Logistic population growth

    This applet explores a logistic population growth model with no harvesting. The phase plot is shown alongside the plot of p vs t.


  4. Logistic population growth with harvesting

    This applet explores a logistic population growth model with constant harvesting.


  5. Model of a spring with drag and forcing

    This applet simulates a spring acting under gravity, subject to drag and an external driving force.


  6. Continuity of a 2-branch piecewise defined function

    This applet investigates the continuity of a 2-branch piecewise-defined function.


  7. Continuity of a piecewise-defined function

    This applet investigates the continuity of a piecewise-defined function.


  8. Exploring an ODE

    This applet displays the direction field and solutions for an ordinary differential equation (ODE).