Tag: MAST10011

  1. Confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and p-values

    This applet illustrates the connection between a confidence interval, a formal hypothesis test, and the p-value of a hypothesis test.


  2. Power of a hypothesis test

    This applet gives a visualisation of the concept of statistical power, and helps illustrate the relationship between power, sample size, standard deviation and difference between the means.


  3. Partitioning of variability in regression

    This applet illustrates partitioning of variability into explained (fitted) and unexplained (residual) variability.


  4. Normal approximation to the binomial distribution

    This applet explores the normal approximation to the binomial distribution.


  5. Discrete and continuous distributions

    This applet explores the relationship between the pmf or density and the cumulative distribution function of a range of discrete and continuous probability distributions.


  6. Normal probability plot and CDF

    This applet shows the relationship between a plot of an estimated empirical CDF and a normal probability plot.


  7. QQ plots

    This applet explores QQ-plots for a range of distributions.


  8. Random variables

    This applet illustrates the concept of independent identically distributed random variables.


  9. Guess the correlation

    Guess the correlation of a sample of bivariate data drawn from a linear or non-linear population.


  10. Sampling from a bivariate population

    Repeatedly sample from a bivariate population, and construct a histogram of sample regression line slope.