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  1. Normal probability plot and CDF

    This applet shows the relationship between a plot of an estimated empirical CDF and a normal probability plot.

  2. QQ plots

    This applet explores QQ-plots for a range of distributions.

  3. Model of a spring with drag and forcing

    This applet simulates a spring acting under gravity, subject to drag and an external driving force.

  4. Random variables

    This applet illustrates the concept of independent identically distributed random variables.

  5. Vector projections

    This applet aims to demonstrate visually the projection of a vector u onto a vector v.

  6. Central Limit Theorem and Law of Large Numbers

    This applet illustrates how the distribution of the sample mean converges towards normality as sample size increases.

  7. Population genetics by FHW model

    This applet calculates the zygote and adult allele and genotype frequencies according to the Fisher-Haldane-Wright model of population genetics, and plots the results.

  8. Iterating a difference equation

    This applet iterates a difference equation (also known as recurrence relation) and displays the resulting sequence both graphically and numerically.

  9. Cobwebbing a difference equation

    This worksheet performs iteration and produces cobweb diagrams for a first-order difference equation (AKA recurrence relation, discrete dynamical system).

  10. Cobwebbing, linear approximation and stability

    This applet shows a linear approximation to a non-linear difference equation close to an equilibrium, using cobwebbing. It can be used to investigate the accuracy of a linear approximation, or to motivate the linear stability criterion for equilibria of a first-order difference equation.

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