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  1. Convergence of a sequence

    This applet illustrates the ε-M definition of convergence of a sequence.

  2. Riemann sums and partitions

    This applet illustrates upper and lower Riemann sums and refinement of partitions.

  3. Sequences and series

    This applet shows the relationship between terms of a sequence and the partial sums of a series. It also allows exploration of some important sequences & series including geometric and harmonic sequences.

  4. Normal approximation to the binomial distribution

    This applet explores the normal approximation to the binomial distribution.

  5. Inverse of a function

    This applet shows the construction of the inverse of a function, and can be used to explore whether the inverse is a function.

  6. Parametric curves

    This applet plots and traces a parametric curve, given as a vector function in R2.

  7. Two parametric curves

    This applet plots two parametric curves simultaneously. It can be used to explore whether two particles collide.

  8. Discrete and continuous distributions

    This applet explores the relationship between the pmf or density and the cumulative distribution function of a range of discrete and continuous probability distributions.

  9. Logistic population growth

    This applet explores a logistic population growth model with no harvesting. The phase plot is shown alongside the plot of p vs t.

  10. Logistic population growth with harvesting

    This applet explores a logistic population growth model with constant harvesting.

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