Tag: MAST20005

  1. Confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and p-values

    This applet illustrates the connection between a confidence interval, a formal hypothesis test, and the p-value of a hypothesis test.


  2. Power of a hypothesis test

    This applet gives a visualisation of the concept of statistical power, and helps illustrate the relationship between power, sample size, standard deviation and difference between the means.


  3. Partitioning of variability in regression

    This applet illustrates partitioning of variability into explained (fitted) and unexplained (residual) variability.


  4. Partitioning of variability in ANOVA

    This applet illustrates the partitioning of variability into explained and unexplained variability, in the context of ANOVA.


  5. Distribution of order statistics

    This applet displays the distribution for the order statististics of a sample of size n from an arbitrary population distribution.


  6. Maximum likelihood estimators

    This applet shows the maximum likelihood estimator and (log) likelihood function for several statistical models.


  7. QQ plots

    This applet explores QQ-plots for a range of distributions.


  8. Central Limit Theorem and Law of Large Numbers

    This applet illustrates how the distribution of the sample mean converges towards normality as sample size increases.